This is an unmissable opportunity to have your work reviewed by our expert judging panel, to get recognition from your peers, benchmark against your competitors, and attract new clients and top talent to your organisation. But don't just take our word for it...

“It’s a recognition of the great work of the team. There’s more than 200 of us now, the vast majority are based in Dublin and we’re already, hopefully, continuing to create great events around the world. The event industry in Ireland is obviously thriving. There’s lots of people here having a great time, it’s a good sign I’m sure: 10 years ago, 8 years ago, times were very different but today things are great. They’ve certainly turned a corner (and then some more) so that’s fantastic”

Paddy Cosgrave, Web Summit

Outstanding Contribution to the Events Industry 2018.


“The other nominees are just incredible, we just didn’t think that we were in the running really; you know it’s just nice to be here. It’s the first event award that Dublin Zoo has ever been in the running for, so it was just nice to be here on the night and then to actually hear your name being called is just unreal.”

Aoife Keegan-Twomey, Dublin Zoo

Best Event & Best Live Event 2018 – Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo


“This is our second year being involved with the Event Industry Awards with Citywest Hotel (as a sponsor). We got involved because it’s a great opportunity to showcase everything we’ve got here at the Citywest Hotel. This year we were given the opportunity to actually co-title sponsor and host the event, so it’s a huge win for us. It’s a huge opportunity for us and we’re looking forward to impressing everyone tonight.”

Sean Reid, Commercial Director, Citywest Hotel


“Oh, it’s incredible from a marketing point of view but for company moral it’s just incredible to win an award and to have all of our team here to celebrate; it’s just amazing. An event like this is brilliant because the team love coming to it and it honours the work we’ve done over the year.”

Sarah O’Brien, Cogs & Marvel

Best Event Innovation – Lidl at the National Ploughing Championships 2018


“This award is actually very recognised by the industry and especially in the catering industry and the event industry. From a stadium point of view, we showed people that we not only provide simple and joyful ‘burger and chips’ we also provide high standard hospitality events as well.”

Richard Li, Aramark at Croke Park

Best Event Caterer 2018


“(In 2018) with the launch of MobileEscapeRooms.ie we decided to sponsor an awards section because everyone is here from the industry: I mean it’s the who’s who of the industry. It’s a great platform to get in front of everyone from the industry and the media.”

Mark French, Director, MobileEscapeRooms.ie

“We were just so excited because we felt like we were up against so many amazing groups and we were just delighted to be here as a finalist. We were celebrating being here and to have our names called out was just the icing on the cake. Phenomenal, (we’re) just blown away.”

Charlene Pigott, weddingsonline.ie

Best Awards Ceremony 2018 – Weddingsonline Awards


“On a night like tonight we’re up against some serious competition so that’s probably why we were so delighted. I haven’t stopped smiling the last hour really because I suppose we didn’t expect it. I mean we hold ourselves to the highest standard but to be recognised by your peers and judges on a night like this is very special.”


Best Event Team 2018

“An event like this is a high profile event: the highest profile event of its type in the city, in the country indeed. And I think it’s always good bringing new people into the event industry, all the time that’s what it’s about; new people, new ideas, new creativity; we have to encourage it. Sponsoring an event like this was our opportunity to give something back to the industry: yes, delighted to do it.”

Peter Hanley, Director, Hanley Event Group


“For a company that never enters it’s a fantastic opportunity to profile your company, to be recognised as an industry leader amongst the entire industry.”

Daniel Halpin, Cogs & Marvel

Best Event Management Company 2018

“This year we had a very high standard of entries across all the different categories. (There are) some very interesting events happening out there, very innovative things happening on the ground. So, it was a real pleasure to judge them and get a real insight into what’s happening in the events industry.”

Dr. Theresa Ryan, Judging Co-Ordinator,

Lecture & Researcher, School of Hospitality Management and Tourism, Dublin Institute of Technology

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