Event Industry Awards 2018


Please see below a sample of testimonials from leading event industry figures.

Entering the Awards

“It is the best accolade you can get in terms of the event industry in Ireland. It is such a good boost for ourselves, our team and our clients. We genuinely were really really happy.

An event night like this is everything for the industry. It’s great craic, great buzz, a great sense of comradery within the industry. It’s a great award ceremony.”

-James Gavin, Grooveyard Event Management

Best Launch Event 2017 – Sony Xperia Product Launch,
Best Live Event & Best Event 2017 – Riverfest Limerick 2016


"What you see here tonight (is) that you’ve got 40 tables: top venues, hotels, catering companies throughout Ireland, so to bring home two awards is very significant to our company and great at promoting our venue as well.

If you haven’t entered I would certainly highly advise it, both for your own team, your venue, your hotel. If you’re in the hospitality business the Event Industry Awards is where you should be."

-Sinėad Heneghan, Croke Park Meetings & Events

Best In-House Event Team 2017 & Best Purpose Built Event Venue 2017


"Winning an award at the Event Industry Awards really is the recognition of being the best of the best within your industry. It also showcases companies that are quite creative, quite innovative, looking at locations around Ireland not just Dublin, showcasing the best of what the industry has to offer.

No matter how small your company or how small your idea we would always suggest put together your entry and who knows it could be you next year winning an award here."

-Rachelle O’Brien, Dublin Institute of Technology

Excellence in Education & Training 2017


Sponsoring the Awards

"In sponsoring this event it is very important that Actavo gets our brand out there to the people that matter. And the people that matter are the people that are here in this room tonight."

-Clive Jackson, Operations Director, Actavo Events


"The best companies in the country, the leading brands, the leading companies for events are here tonight. We’ve spent an awful lot of time developing our products. Even though it’s only staging, it’s vitally important because it’s from the ground up and it’s great to be here, a part of it and also to be sponsoring."

-Dagan Fleming, Sales Manager, Stage & Lighting


"It’s a unique night, there’s not one award ceremony like this within the trade, so we’re delighted to be a part of it; to engage with others, peers, competitors as well as clients. So, it’s right up our street and exactly along the lines of who we do business with and who we potentially want to do business with."

-Elaine White, Conference & Events Manager, The Helix

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