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Categories & Criteria

Best Event

Sponsored by: Clayton Hotel Burlington Road

You cannot formally enter this category. The winner will be selected from all winners of the event categories; Best Live Event, Best Sporting Event, Best Exhibition, Best Conference, Best Corporate Event, Best Award Ceremony and Best Launch Event.

Best Event Management Company

Sponsored by: Actavo Events

To win this prestigious award you've got to be good, very good. It is about depth, diversity, delivering value for money and originality. You’ve organised all kinds of events of all scales, but no matter what the projects are, one ingredient is common to all your endeavours: faultless execution.

Best Event Team

Sponsored by: Citywest Hotel

This award is for the Event Team that can demonstrate extraordinary teamwork and examples of how they went the extra mile to wow their target audiences, as well as delivering highly professional events.

Best Live Event

Sponsored by: The Helix

If you've pulled off a spectacular live event, including but not limited to a comedy or entertainment event, and done it with style that's garnered plaudits for your endeavour, then you should enter this category.

Best Live Music Event

Ireland is world renowned for its music. If you've organised a live music event over the past 12 months that lived up to the reputation then you should enter this category - from intimate gigs to sprawling festivals, our judges want to hear about them all.

Best Sporting Event

With 1 in 6 Irish people attending a sporting event on a regular basis, sporting events are a big business. If you’ve pulled off a spectacular sporting event in the past 12 months that delivered an outstanding experience for spectators, then you should enter this category.

Best Exhibition

If you organise exhibitions youll want to win this award. To do so you have to tell us about a business or consumer exhibition youve organised, what the challenges were, the deliverables you signed up to achieve and the positive outcomes gained for your exhibitors and show attendees.

Best Professional Conference Organiser

Sponsored by: The Conference & Events Venue at the Mansion House

The professional conference organiser manages everything from a small meeting with half a dozen people to a multi-thousand delegate extravaganza that runs for several days. If you've organised conferences of scale and complexity to the highest possible international standards, then this is your chance to secure the kudos your efforts deserve.

Best Awards Ceremony

Sponsored by: AVC

We all know that awards programmes are the fun part of the industry but a lot of work, skill and dedication goes into those award ceremonies and some are better than others. If yours is the best then enter this award. Time to put your own work to the test!

Best Conference

Sponsored by: AVC

If you've organised a conference of scale and complexity to the highest possible international standards, then this is your chance to secure the kudos your efforts deserve.

Best Launch Event

Sponsored by: MCE Events

If you have staged an event specifically designed to launch a new product, service, company or brand that has garnered media coverage, client accolades and demonstrates the power of the launch event to achieve marketing and business objectives, then you should enter this award.

Best Purpose Built Event Venue

This award goes to the purpose built event venue that, in the opinion of the judges, takes a spectacular event space and marries it with a great team - front of house, catering and support - to deliver outstanding results on a regular basis.

Best Hotel Event Venue 

This award goes to the hotel venue with event facilities that, in the opinion of the judges, takes a spectacular event space and marries it with a great team - front of house, catering, support - to deliver outstanding results on a regular basis.

Best AV Company

If you are thinking of entering this award then you need to show that you have a first-class team of committed AV specialists and the know-how to convert your client’s vision into crisp images and crystal clear sound with flair and imagination.

Best Lighting Supplier

This award goes to the lighting supplier that has provided the most dazzling and innovative lighting installations. Whatever the scale or sophistication, if you have the equipment and are expert at setting it up in a really impressive way, then this category is for you.

Best Event Infrastructure Provider

This is an award for the specialist suppliers who provide infrastructure and service (security, temporary sanitary services, health and safety, local authorities, generators, insurance etc.), without which major events could not be staged.

Best Event Caterer

This award recognises the hard work, dedication, and innovation of event caterers across Ireland. If you have provided food and beverage for any kind of event in Ireland - and can demonstrate creative flair, innovation, value for money and delicious food - then this is the category for you.

Best Corporate Event

Sponsored by: Audio Networks

Are you especially proud of a corporate or promotional event that you staged? Then this is the category for you. This award is open to any size of event; the deciding factor will be the overall impact the event had.

Best Corporate Entertainer

This award is open to nominations from the entertainer or a 3rd party. The entertainers nominated must have performed at an event during the last 12 months. Entertainment includes all aspects of performance: song, dance, instrumental acts, comedy, magic, speciality acts etc.

Best Event Design

Sponsored by: Lolliprops

This award goes to the event designer or lighting designer (or joint team) that has produced the most amazing looking stage sets/ presentations in the past 12 months.

Best Event Sponsorship

This award goes to the best example of an event and a sponsor working together to achieve outstanding results.

Best Event Innovation

This award is for innovation in events; this encompasses everything from live experience events to innovative social media campaigns, data gathering and registration services to any other innovation which you feel has taken the event experience to a new level.

NEW: Technology Award

This award recognises the most effective use of technology in the event industry. This may be via the introduction of a new technological product or by using existing technology more efficiently.

NEW: Excellence in Education & Training

Sponsored by: Codex

This award recognises the Irish based third level institution, technical training college or organisation that can best demonstrate excellence in the delivery and development of knowledge or skills in the event industry.